Tuesday, 12 June 2007


Now does all that fit to Hummer? Why can't we focus on mothers who want street fortresses to get their kids save to the kindergarden? Researches say they are a big target group. Or let's focus on hybrid-engines and eco-friendliness. And doesn't all that discourage all the new rich Hollywood and Wall Street ponces that are actually buying our cars? No. Remember: WE ARE NOT A CANDY CAR.

We are Hummer and a Hummer is TOUGHER THAN TOUGH. It was the car that got during the first Iraq war. It is a military fortress. It's petrol consumpting, unbelievable expensive and absolutely anti-environmentalistic. It's a monster. And unless it's cheap, solar-powered and fits in every parking lot in the world, it will be this monster. So just let's face that fact and make it a test for manliness to be able to cope with driving a Hummer and all it's enemies. Because that's not tougher than tough.


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