Tuesday, 12 June 2007

The most hated.

A Hummer unites the worst things that probably can be united: it's big, it's heavy, it costs unbelievabe money, it consumes petrol like nothing else, it's the nightmare of environmentalists, it kills more people in accidents than the average car, it needs two parking places, it's more expensive to run than the ISS and it's engine awakes the whole neighbourhood. The Hummer is not everybody's darling. Nate Craig, puts it this way:

Everything seems to stand against the Hummer. The price, the environmental factors, the people who drive them, the people who don't drive them. Briefly described the Hummer must be:

But who would buy the most hated car in the world? A research by Roy Morgan Research studied 24,718 gives a interesting profile about the average male owner of a "large 4WD vehicle", widely known as SUV. He is:

...age 40-50
...employed full-time
...with a higher than average income
...who views himself as a rugged individualist
...more overweight
...more aggressive
...less tolerant
...less community minded
...more likely to suffer road rage
...less charitable
...more likely to use force to get their way
...more likely to be involved in accidents that kill or maim people in other vehicles
...more likely to prefer beer

True? Does the average Hummer driver looks like this?

Or this?

Is that true picture, or just a sarcastic commentary of todays society about people having the money and the guts to drive a Hummer?

Let's remember, the Hummer ist the most hated car in the world. Why in the universe someone would buy the most hated car in the world? To show off? No. Man who buy the Hummer are just one thing: Real Man. Because it takes more than a toady ponce to drive the most hated car in the world. It takes someone who is man enough to handle the concentrated hate of this world.

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