Tuesday, 12 June 2007

How to become manly enough.

The first part of our campaign should be a website where wannabe Hummer drivers have to pass a test of their capability to act like a real man. Unfortunately nearly everybody won't be able to drive a Hummer. That's a fact. That's why the next part will be a DVD with tips and training sessions on how to be man enough to handle militant environmentalists, wives that want to use the Hummer to shop in the city and every possible enemy of you and your Hummer. The DVD will be sold online and through a special shopping TV show hosted by some real man. This could be the world bare-knuckle-boxing champion or someone who uses to be a topless surfer in the Antarctic sea or Chuck Norris. Part three will be an official Hummer Manliness training camp taking place at the most hostile places in the world, for example downtown Manhattan.

Probably the whole thing can be supported by press ads with test questions or codes of behaviour and an online shop where Hummer drivers can buy products that are man enough to be bought by those toughy wannabes.

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